"The Beast."  A sign invites visitors to "Journey into the belly of THE BEAST.  The Beast, when he comes alive is an intense attraction for teens and adults.  His dark interior, digestive noises, and occasional pre-digested worker have been known to scare even the bravest of souls.  Your journey into his mouth, where you will wind your way through his throat, into his chest cavity (where you will see his giant heart beating and his huge lungs) next into his stomach through his intestines, and, well...out the other end."  The Beast is 150 feet from head to toe, 40 feet wide and 25 feet high at the belly.  The Beast was found on the outskirts of Tucson in May, 2005.  5-05.
The head of "The Beast."  Those so inclined enter through a gaping wound in the skull at the top of the head.  The Beast, the giant Texas Lizard, and assorted other inflatables were brought to the Tucson area for about 2 weeks by Advanced Inflatables of America, based in Texas. 

The Texas Lizard.  The giant lizard, a traveling companion of "The Beast," as seen here is undergoing inflation.  When  he reaches his full proportions he will be ready for visitors who will walk past giant teeth and into his mouth. 

Darth Vader and the sad saga of price deflation of super villains.  A super-sized Darth Vader threatened unsuspecting diners at the Ahwatukee Burger King in June, 2005.  The 9 foot character balloon was manufactured by Lucasfilm for a tie-in promotion between the "Home of the Whopper" and the summer release of Star Wars Episode III.  For those not satisfied with only seeing the creature at their local Burger King, it could be purchased from Cargo Bay for a mere $499.00 per copy.  For that price, Cargo Bay would throw in a hand pump.  Darth's value was seriously depreciated on Ebay where it went for $75 plus shipping.  Some of the value may have been lost because of a pin hole which cause Darth to become flaccid after a day or two.  A Vader without the inflational dysfunction went unsold when the  minimum bid was set at $199


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