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The New Bankruptcy Code

Changes in 1326. Payments

Specifies When Confirmation Hearing is to be Held

1326(a)(1) requires that plan payments start no later than 30 days after the filing of the case, and that lease payments and adequate protection payments be made directly to creditors with evidence of payment given to the trustee.

Pays Administrative Expenses before Refunds

1326(a)(2) provides that if a case is not confirmed, administrative expenses will be paid before plan payments are refunded to the debtor.

Requires Insurance on Leased or Secured Property

1326(a)4) requires the debtor to provide the creditor with evidence of required insurance on leased or secured property within 60 days the case is filed.

Pays Chapter 7 Trustee in Converted or Dismissed Cases

1326(b)(3) sets payment for Chapter 7 trustee for converted or dismissed prior cases.

Text appearing below in blue is the same in H.R.333 and S.420. Text in maroon is only in H.R.333. Text in green is only in S.420.

11 USC 1326. Payments


(1) Unless the court orders otherwise, the debtor shall commence making payments not later than 30 days after the date of the filing of the plan or the order for relief, whichever is earlier, in the amount--

(A) proposed by the plan to the trustee;

(B) scheduled in a lease of personal property directly to the lessor for that portion of the obligation that becomes due after the order for relief, reducing the payments under subparagraph (A) by the amount so paid and providing the trustee with evidence of such payment, including the amount and date of payment; and

(C) that provides adequate protection directly to a creditor holding an allowed claim secured by personal property to the extent the claim is attributable to the purchase of such property by the debtor for that portion of the obligation that becomes due after the order for relief, reducing the payments under subparagraph (A) by the amount so paid and providing the trustee with evidence of such payment, including the amount and date of payment.

(2) A payment made under paragraph (1)(A) shall be retained by the trustee until confirmation or denial of confirmation. If a plan is confirmed, the trustee shall distribute any such payment in accordance with the plan as soon as is practicable. If a plan is not confirmed, the trustee shall return any such payments not previously paid and not yet due and owing to creditors pursuant to paragraph (3) to the debtor, after deducting any unpaid claim allowed under section 503(b).

(3) Subject to section 363, the court may, upon notice and a hearing, modify, increase, or reduce the payments required under this subsection pending confirmation of a plan.

(4) Not later than 60 days after the date of filing of a case under this chapter, a debtor retaining possession of personal property subject to a lease or securing a claim attributable in whole or in part to the purchase price of such property shall provide the lessor or secured creditor reasonable evidence of the maintenance of any required insurance coverage with respect to the use or ownership of such property and continue to do so for so long as the debtor retains possession of such property.

(b) Before or at the time of each payment to creditors under the plan, there shall be paid--

(1) any unpaid claim of the kind specified in section 507(a)(1) of this title;

(2) if a standing trustee appointed under section 586(b) of title 28 is serving in the case, the percentage fee fixed for such standing trustee under section 586(e)(1)(B) of title 28; and

(3) if a chapter 7 trustee has been allowed compensation due to the conversion or dismissal of the debtor's prior case pursuant to section 707(b), and some portion of that compensation remains unpaid in a case converted to this chapter or in the case dismissed under section 707(b) and refiled under this chapter, the amount of any such unpaid compensation, which shall be paid monthly--

(A) by prorating such amount over the remaining duration of the plan; and

(B) by monthly payments not to exceed the greater of--

(i) $25; or

(ii) the amount payable to unsecured nonpriority creditors, as provided by the plan, multiplied by 5 percent, and the result divided by the number of months in the plan.

(c) Except as otherwise provided in the plan or in the order confirming the plan, the trustee shall make payments to creditors under the plan.

(d) Notwithstanding any other provision of this title--

(1) compensation referred to in subsection (b)(3) is payable and may be collected by the trustee under that paragraph, even if such amount has been discharged in a prior proceeding under this title; and

(2) such compensation is payable in a case under this chapter only to the extent permitted by subsection (b)(3).

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