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Linking to a Code Section The html format for a link to a code section is: 

<a href="">USC 0000</a>

where the 0000 refers to the section of the code to which you want to link.  Although code sections are numbered from 101 to 1330, the section must be four digits, so that section 101 becomes 0101.  The link (in quotes) is case sensitive, so all letters must be given in lower case.  You may, of course, replace the linked text (USC 0000 in the sample) to whatever text you wish displayed on your page.

This example is a link to USC 101.

Scrolling to a subsection You may have the user's browser scroll to a specific subsection by adding a reference to the subsection after the html page:

<a href="">USC 0000(0)</a>

where the #000(0) is the command to scroll, followed by the code section this time without a leading zero and with the subsection in parenthesis (as it appears in the text).  If the subsection includes a letter, that letter should be given in the same case as it appears in the text code.

These examples are links to subsections:  USC 101(3); USC 101(4A).

You may also scroll to a subparagraph of a subsection by adding the reference to the subparagraph:  USC 101(2)(B).

Linking to the Code Index You also link directly to the index to the code sections, which contains links to all of the code reproduced on this web site:

<a href="">11 USC Index</a>

Example:  11 USC Index.

Linking to Code Chapters and the Entire Code You may also link to a complete chapter of the code, or the whole code, although these links are not generally recommended since the linked pages take a long time to download.  Scrolling to a subsection may be added using the same format as for the code section links above.

Linking to a chapter:  <a href="">Chapter 1</a>

Example:  Chapter 1.

Linking to the entire code:  <a href="">Bankruptcy Code</a>

Example: Bankruptcy Code.

Linking to Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure Bankruptcy rules are displayed in 9 web pages, one for each of the 9 parts of the rules. Each rule therefore requires both the page and scroll link.  However, although the parts are identified with Roman Numerals in the text, they are identified in Arabic numbers in the link.

Linking to Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure: 

<a href=">FRBP Rule 1010</a>

Example: Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure, Rule 1010