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Finding the Law Free links to the code:

Bankruptcy Code - All sections relevant to consumer bankruptcy as amended by The Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005.  The code may be viewed as amended, or in a redline version showing changes made.  Extensively hyperlinked, the code may be printed, copied, or searched using your browser's "Find (on this page)" function.

United States Code - Legal Information Institute of Cornell Law School.

Arizona Revised Statutes - Arizona State Legislature.

Bankruptcy Time Line - With links to relevant code and rules.

Official Bankruptcy Forms - with instructions and committee notes; U.S. Bankruptcy Court.


New Code Requirements for Document Preparers The new bankruptcy code contains a number of provisions of particular interest to persons who prepare bankruptcy petitions.  Here's our summary of those important requirements, and links to applicable code sections.

New Code Requirements for Debt Relief Agencies The new bankruptcy code defines Debt Relief Agencies as including attorneys and bankruptcy petition preparers.  Here's our summary of those important requirements, and links to applicable code sections.

The Flowchart to a Fresh Start Our clickable flowchart gives a step by step outline of the route to getting a discharge of debt under the Bankruptcy Code as amended by The Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005.  Detailed information and links to the Bankruptcy Code can be accessed by clicking on the flowchart.

A Few Bankruptcy Cases The code leaves more than a few matters for the courts to interpret.  Here are a few case summaries shedding a little light in a few areas.

Court & Trustee Locations

Arizona Locator - Where would a creditor's meeting be if you client resided in Tuba City, Grasshopper, or Pirtleville?  Check our listing of over 500 Arizona places, or select by county.
United States Bankruptcy Court
official site.

United States Bankruptcy Court - District of Arizona - The court's site.

Untied States Trustee - A national site with a listing for Chapter 7, 12, and 13 Trustees by state.

Arizona court cases - public access to Superior, Justice and Municipal court cases.

Recorded Documents - County Recorder Links



Coconino [registration required]

Gila  [registration required]



La Paz

Maricopa County Recorder

Maricopa County Assessor

Mojave [registration required]


Pima [subscription required]


Santa Cruz: N/A

Yavapai:  [registration required]

Yuma:  N/A

Other Arizona Public Records

Mojave Coconino Navajo Apache Yavapai - no link Gila - no link La Paz Maricopa Pinal Graham Greenlee Yuma - no link Pima Santa Cruz - no link Cochise - no link

Internet dictionaries & thesaurus:

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Zip Code Lookup Find a Zip Code for an address, or the city & state of a Zip Code on this USPS site.

Telephone directory search--yellow & white pages Area Connect is the best internet phone directory search we have found. It searches 6 different Yellow Pages from one form.

Bankruptcy Basics Excerpts from a public information pamphlet prepared by the Bankruptcy Judges Division, Administrative Office of the United States Courts.

What time is it--really? Ever wonder if your computer clock is correct?  It probably isn't, but this clock from the National Institute of Standards & Technology is.  We have it set for Arizona time, but you can change it. CURRENT TIME

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