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Bankruptcy Basics
Bankruptcy Judges Division
Administrative Office of the United States Courts
APRIL 2006
Revised Third Edition
For cases filed on or after October 17, 2005



The Discharge in Bankruptcy

Chapter 7. Liquidation Under the Bankruptcy Code

Chapter 13. Individual Debt Adjustment

Chapter 11. Reorganization Under the Bankruptcy Code

Chapter 12. Family Farmer Bankruptcy

Chapter 9. Municipality Bankruptcy

Chapter 15. Ancillary and Other Cross-Border Cases

SCRA. Servicemembers' Civil Relief Act

SIPA. Securities Investor Protection Act

Bankruptcy Terminology

Securities Investor Protection Act

Role of Securities and Exchange Commission

The SEC is responsible for regulating and supervising the activities of the SIPC. The SEC promulgates operating rules that establish the role of self-regulatory organizations and examining authorities, and their reporting responsibilities to the SIPC of inspections and reviews of its member firms. The SIPC's member firms are also required to provide information and documentation as necessary to assist in accomplishing these inspections. The penalties for fraud, deceit, or withholding of information throughout the processes covered by this law are severe. 15 U.S.C. 78jjj(c).