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Copyright Notice

All content copyright 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 by Doney & Associates PLC, except as stated below.

It should not come as a great surprise that a web site written by a lawyer has a legal notice.  Short and simple, I wrote this site (, including all its pages and subdirectories) so it's mine, but you can make the following use of it:

  • You can copy the site (as your computer must do for you to view it) for your own personal use, provided you don't change it.
  • You may link to it.  (I wish you would, actually.)
  • You can quote it provided you give me credit and prominently display the web location (

If you use this site or its contents in any other way, I can sue you.  (Of course, you could file bankruptcy and probably get a discharge anyway.)

I claim no copyright for:

  • Government materials including the text of Federal and state statutes, although copyright is claimed for the hyperlinks and organization of the site displaying that text, and United States or Arizona government images, identified by "US_GOV" or "AZ_GOV," respectively, preceding the image name, of which fair use is made.
  • Corel Corporation Limited images (graphic and sound files) which are used here in compliance with the Corel Licence [sic--they're Canadian] Agreement.  You may not save or download those images except as required for viewing purposes.  Corel images are identified in remarks in the source code.
  • MapQuest images, identified within the image, which may be viewed or printed only for reference purposes in connection with this site.
  • Print Shop´┐Ż (by Broderbund´┐Ż Software, Inc.) images, identified by "PS" preceding the image name, of which ""fair use" is made in accordance with the End User License Agreement.

Copyright is claimed for original images, which are identified by the "DA" preceding the image name.

You may quote from this site, and you may use up to 3 of my images (the ones preceded by DA) without further permission on three little conditions: (1) do not change the name of the image, (2) do not modify the image, (3) identify the source and a link to this site. I suggest that you include a notation in the caption to the images you use, such as, "Image courtesy of" for the legal stuff or "Image courtesy of" for the non-legal stuff. If you want to get on my good side, you could also say that the site is absolutely terrific and the reader should click on the link immediately. An email to the webmaster saying that you are using the image would be nice.