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Young, Loretta

Married in Yuma

Lived in Phoenix

(Gretchen Michaela Young, 1913.01.06-2000.08.12)  Actress.

Loretta Young
Loretta Young, 1951.

Loretta Young appeared in over a hundred feature films, and had an anthology TV show, cleverly titled The Loretta Young Show, from 1953 to 1960. Each week on the show she would enter wearing the latest fashion and make one spin to display the gown before introducing that night's episode. She moved to Phoenix in 1971 to start a youth project helping teenagers, where she lived until the 1980's.

It was not her first Arizona connection.  In 1930 when she was 17, she eloped to Yuma with actor Grant Withers, nine years her senior.  The marriage was annulled the following year, the same year that she and Grant costarred in a movie bearing the ironic name "Too Young to Marry."  Just short of a decade later, Clark Gable, 12 years her senior and the father of her love child, honeymooned in Arizona with Carole Lombard.

Young, Sean

Lives in Sedona

Sean Young
Sean Young, 2007.  Photo by Luke Ford .

(Mary Sean Young, 1959.11.12-    )  Actress.

Sean Young is a veteran of over 39 feature films and numerous television movies and appearances.  Her film appearances include No Way Out (1987)--for which her torrid love scenes with Kevin Costner received much attention, and Mrs. Hyde in Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde (1995).

She calls Sedona her home.

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