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Gabaldon, Diana

Born in Williams

Grew up in Flagstaff

Graduate of Flagstaff HS & NAU

Lives in Scottsdale


(Diana Gabaldon Watkins, 1952.01.11-    )  Author.

How does a little girl from a small community in Northern Arizona grow up to become a best selling author?  By writing a huge novel about a nurse in World War II England that travels back in time to 18th century Scotland while on her second honeymoon--where she falls for a warrior and returns to her husband to have the warrior's child.

Gable, Clark

Married in Kingman

Honeymooned in Oatman

Clark Gable
Clark Gable, 1939.

(1901.02.01-1960.11.16)  Actor.

Gable was wed to Carole Lombard at the Methodist church in Kingman in 1939. They honeymooned in Oatman.

Garagiola, Joe

Lives in Phoenix

(1926.02.12-    )  Baseball catcher, sportscaster, host.

Joe Garagiola calls Phoenix his home.  He was a major league catcher, a network baseball broadcaster for 27 years and co-host of NBC's Today Show.  He continues his public criticism of tobacco products, especially the chewing tobacco products.  His son, Joe Garagiola, Jr., is the vice president and general manager of the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Garth, Jennie

Lived in Glendale

Attended Greenway and Apollo High Schools

(Jennifer Eve Garth, 1972.04.03-    )  Actor.

Jennie Garth
Jennie Garth, 2009. Photo © by Albert Domasin, used by permission Wikipedia OTRS.

Jennie's family moved to Glendale when she was 13 where she took dancing lessons and did some modeling.  The dancing led to her entry in a talent competition when she was 15.  A Hollywood talent scout and manager discovered her in the competition and encouraged her to pursue a career in acting.

Jennie completed her freshman year at Greenway High School, and transferred to Apollo High School in her sophomore year.  She dropped out of high school in her junior year, and moved to Los Angeles with her mom, where that talent scout helped her land a part in a television series.


Born in upper Gila River country of Arizona Territory

Lived in Arizona

(Goyathlay, c. 1829-1909.02.17)  Apache Indian leader.

When Geronimo was born in the upper Gila River area it was a part Mexico. Mexican soldiers were attempting to control the troublesome Apaches with methods approaching genocide. In 1858 the soldiers killed the young Geronimo's mother, wife, and three small children.

Goldwater, Barry

Born in Phoenix

Lived in Phoenix, Paradise Valley

Died in Paradise Valley


(Barry Morris Goldwater, 1909.01.01-1998.05.29)  Senator, presidential candidate, photographer.

At the time of his death at 89, Barry Goldwater was the icon of Arizona politics. Had he never entered politics, he would still be remembered for his pursuits in business, photography, and the military. 

Graham, "Superstar" Billy

Lives in Phoenix vicinity

Treated at Mayo Clinic Hospital in Phoenix

Billy Superstar Graham
Billy "Superstar" Graham, 2009. Photo by shstrng .

(Eldridge Wayne Coleman, 1943.09.10-    )  Professional wrestler.

The 6'4", 300 pound two-time holder of the WWF World Heavyweight Championship, and heavy steroid user, worked as a bouncer in small town Arizona before gaining wrestling fame.  He returned to Arizona to retire in Phoenix.

Twenty years of heavy steroid use resulted in avascular necrosis, which destroys bone joints by cutting off their blood supply.  By the 1990's he was living on Social Security disability in an apartment in Toluca Lake, California.  Having had his left hip replaced multiple times and his right ankle fused, he could barely walk.  He testified in the prosecution of the doctor that prescribed the steroids, sending him to prison for 3 years.

On October 25, 2002, he received a new liver at the Mayo Clinic Hospital in Phoenix.

Gravano, Sammy "the Bull"

Imprisoned in Arizona

Lived in Tempe

Convicted for drug trafficking in Arizona

Sammy Gravano
Sammy "The Bull" Gravano, 2009 FBI mug shot.

(Salvatore Gravano, alias Jimmy Moran, 1945.03.12-    )  Mafia underboss.

Sammy earned his tag name as a dyslexic kid that beat up older kids in Brooklyn.  He rose up the mob ranks running gambling operations, fixing construction contracts, and loan sharking, eventually becoming a La Cosa Nostra mob underboss.  Along the way he committed 19 murders. 

Gray, George

Raised in Tucson

Graduated from University of Arizona

Lives in Bisbee

George Gray
George Gray, 2007. Photo by .

(Eldridge Wayne Coleman, 1968.03.11-    )  Comic, television host, actor.

The host of Weakest Link (2001) and sometimes actor was raised in Tucson and graduated from the University of Arizona.  His comedy career began at Laffs Comedy Caffe, 2900 E. Broadway Boulevard, Tucson.  When not on the set, he lives in Bisbee.

Gregory, James

Lived in Sedona

Died in Sedona

James Gregory
James Gregory, 1948.

(1943.12.23-2002.09.16)  Actor.

Perhaps best know as the irascible loudmouthed Inspector Luger in the television situation comedy, Barney Miller (1975-1982), James Gregory made nearly 200 appearances in movies and television shows. After suffering two strokes he retired to Sedona in 1983 with his wife of 58 years, Ann Miltner.  Ann, who had been an occasional singer the pop group the Chordettes, survived him.

Gretzky, Wayne

Has a home in Scottsdale

Wayne Gretzky
Wayne Gretzky, 2007. Photo by Hakandahistrom .

(Wayne Douglas Gretzky, 1961.01.26-    )  Hockey player.

Considered by most to be the greatest hockey player of all time, Gretzky spent most of his professional career with the Edmonton Oilers.  In 1992, he engineered his trade to the Los Angeles Kings where he played for 2 seasons.  When he retired from playing professional hockey in 1999, the NHL retired his jersey number, 99.

In 2001 Grezky was President and part owner of Phoenix Coyotes.  In 2002, he purchased a home in the 6500 Camelback development in Scottsdale.  Since he is reported to have homes in Toronto, Los Angeles, New York and Vancouver, he might not be answering the door in Scottsdale most of the year.

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