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Jackson, Reggie

Attended Arizona State University

Reggie Jackson
Reggie Jackson signing with the Yankees, 1976.

(Reginald Martinez Jackson, 1946.05.18-    )  Professional baseball player.

Before he was number 44 on the New York Yankees, and long before his 1993 induction into the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame, Reggie Jackson attended Arizona State University on a football scholarship.  He played one season under legendary coach Frank Kush, but left ASU for a minor-league contract with the Oakland A's.

Jameson, Jenna

Lives in Paradise Valley

Jenna Jackson
Jenna Jameson, 2008. Photo by Glenn Francis, .

(Jennifer Marie Massoli, 1974.04.09-    )  Porn star, entrepreneur.

In August 2005, quite a few eyebrows on south Scottsdale residents were raised when they discovered that pornography "actress" Jenna Jameson had acquired a club in their quiet neighborhood.  Never mind that the club was the infamous Babe's Cabaret at 2011 N. Scottsdale Road which already featured mostly naked dancers to titillate patrons into a state of arousal.  Jenna was a star of major proportions.  One could only imagine the result if such a celebrity leveraged her talents in their neighborhood.  A pornographic theme park catering to perversions of unimaginable variety would not exceed the range of possibilities. 

Jennings, Waylon

Lived in Phoenix, Mesa

Died in Mesa

(1937.05.15-2002.02.13)  Singer, musician.

Born in Littlefield, Texas, Jennings started as a radio DJ when he was only 12.  In Lubbock, he became friends with Buddy Holley and they co-wrote a Holly demo.  Jennings played bass on Holly's last tour, giving up his seat for The Big Bopper on the plane that crashed killing Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and The Big Bopper. 

John Paul II, Pope

Visited Phoenix, Tempe

Pope John Paul II
Pope John Paul II, 1983.

(Karol Wojtyla, 1920.05.18-2005.04.02)  Head of Catholic church from October 16, 1978 until death

Pope John Paul II visited Phoenix on September 14, 1987, as a part of his whirlwind tour of the United States.  In Tempe, he held mass for 75,000 of the faithful at a stadium paying homage to the Devil.


Johnson, Ben

Lived in Mesa

Died in Mesa

(1918.06.13-1996.03.08)  Actor.

Ben Johnson was a ranch hand and rodeo performer until he found that the movies paid better with less risk.  He appeared in more than 300 movies and won the Academy Award for his performance in The Last Picture Show (1971).


Johnson, Randy

Lived in Phoenix

(Randall David Johnson, 1963.09.10-    )  Pitcher, MLB.

"The Big Unit," at 6'10", was MLB's tallest player when he joined the Diamondbacks in 1999.  He was 2001 World Series Co-MVP with Curt Schilling when the upstart Diamondbacks surprised everyone to take home the trophy in their third season.  He pitched a perfect game (one pitcher sending 27batters in a row down without any reaching base) in his final start at Livermore (CA) High School.  He repeated the feat for the Diamondbacks against the Atlanta Braves on May 18, 2004.  It was only the 17th perfect game in MLB history, and at 40, Randy was the oldest pitcher to do it.

Judd, Winnie Ruth

Lived in Phoenix

Murdered, tried, imprisoned in Phoenix

(c. 1905-1998.10.23)  "The Trunk Murderess"

Winnie Ruth Judd was the 26 year old wife of a 56 year old physician. The couple had moved to Phoenix in 1930 hoping that the dry climate would keep Winnie Ruth's tuberculosis in check, and that Dr. Judd could find employment.

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