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Morrison, Jim

(James Douglas Morrison, 1943.12.08-1971.07.03)  Singer, musician.

Arrested at Sky Harbor

The legendary rock singer and co-founder of The Doors had a life style which might be described as, to borrow a term from Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan, "irrationally exuberant." Fueled with liberal doses of alcohol and drugs, Morrison managed to light quite a few fires, onstage and off.  In 1967, he was arrested onstage in New Haven, Connecticut for attempting to incite a riot.  After a 1969 Miami, Florida concert, he was arrested for exposing himself and using profanity.

Jim Morrison's modest tomb at the Cimetire du Pre Lachaise in Paris continues to be the most visited gravesite in the cemetery.  The 27 year old was found dead in the bathtub in his Paris apartment from a probably drug overdose.  He had given up rock and roll and moved to Paris in 1971 as the threat of jail from the Miami incident loomed over him.  Before joining The Doors, he had expressed his desire to model his life on that of the hedonistic French poet Rimbaud. His girlfriend Pamela, who had moved to Paris with him, died of a heroin overdose three years later when she was 27. 12/03.

Phoenix was not left off the list of places in which Morrison had been led off in handcuffs. In November, 1969, Jim Morrison was traveling to Phoenix to see another group in concert at the coliseum.  Witnesses later described him and his companion, Thomas Baker, as two "hippie appearing individuals" that were obnoxious and boisterous, and appeared to have been drinking before they boarded the plane.

Things started off badly even before takeoff with Morrison smoking a cigar in the first class cabin after the "No Smoking" light was lit.  Later, Baker returned from the lavatory carrying all the bars of soap which had been there with some liquid soap, asking along the way if anyone wanted to buy some soap, and finally dumping it all in Morrison's lap.  Following the emergency air mask demonstration, Baker called out loudly to Morrison who was sitting across the aisle, "My girl has one of those and she calls it a diaphragm."

In flight, the two consumed their allotted two miniature bottles of airplane liquor, Morrison downing his in one gulp.  They then passed a comic book concealing a larger liquor bottle between them.  Baker was overheard to remark about the stewardesses, "Let's kill them."

One of those stewardesses had a totally ineffective chat with the duo, telling them that if they did not shape up, she would have to have the captain talk with them. The captain did talk with them warning that he would turn the plane back if they failed to straighten out.  They quieted down for a bit, but were soon back to their boisterous behavior.

When the plane landed at Sky Harbor, police were at the ramp gate.  Police boarded the plane and led Morrison and Baker off in handcuffs.

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